Four-Handed Dentistry

Four-Handed Dentistry

Uniquely focused, comprehensive, and extensively illustrated, this review of sit-down, fourhanded dentistry is an ideal how-to manual for the entire dental health team. This book can be used as a brief supplement for dental assisting courses as well as a professional reference for dental practitioners. The emphasis throughout is on the implementation of efficient procedures for a productive, stress-free clinical environment that will improve productivity and reduce strain. This handbook begins with an overview of the principles of four-handed dentistry and motion economy, treatment room design, types of delivery systems, and basic equipment selection. It then details the basic techniques used to promote ergonomic concepts during routine dental treatment, such as seating, instrument transfer, and oral evacuation. FEATURES

  • Written by a recognized professional who studies four-handed dentistry under the original researchers and who has taught dental assistants, dental students, practicing dentists an hygienists for three decades.
  • Unique focus on four-handed dentistry demonstrates how a dentist working with a skilled dental assistant can increase productivity by at least 33%.
  • Includes step-by-step procedure boxes for each concept and extensive "how-to" pictures to help readers review techniques and visualize procedures.
  • Emphasizes ergonomic clinical practice, from the selection and placement of equipment to executing safe, efficient instrument exchange and oral evacuation techniques.
  • Helps readers evaluate existing equipment for ergonomic function.

BETTY LADLEY FINKBEINER, CDA, RDA, MS, is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Education. She is Chairperson of the Dental Assisting Program at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has served in this position for three decades. As chairperson of the Dental Assisting Program, she has created a series of on-line dental assistant courses for on-the-job trained dental assistants to obtain professional credentials. Betty worked in private practice for the late Joseph Ellis, DDS, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, before entering academics. A life member of the ADAA, Betty has served as a consultant to the Dental Assisting National Board. In 1999, she was appointed by the Governor of Michigan to the Michigan Board of Dentistry. She has authored articles in professional journals and co-authored several textbooks including Practice Management for the Dental Team, Comprehensive Dental Assisting: A Clinical Approach, and Review of Comprehensive Dental Assisting. She has co-authored videotape productions, Medical Emergencies for the Dental Team, Four-Handed Dentistry: An Ergonomic Concept, and Infection Control for the Dental Team. In addition to her current responsibilities, she provides consulting services to private dental offices in practice management and four-handed dentistry and presents seminars on Ergonomics in Four-Handed Dentistry as well as Fair and Equitable Salary Negotiations for Dental Auxiliaries.

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